“What You Can Do – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The Presidential Climate Action Project organization has projected that in order to curb global climate change and avoid the potential catastrophic impacts foreseen in scientific models, the world will have to reduce man-made Greenhouse Gas emissions 60% in developing countries and 80% in industrialized nations by 2050.  Reductions of this magnitude are anticipated to be sufficient to keep CO2 levels at 400 to 450ppm, the threshold required to keep mean global temperatures within 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial revolution levels.

It is clear that for the United States to reduce GHG emissions by 80% over the next few decades, significant action will be required by us all.  We at BLUEdot register believe we can meet this tremendous goal together.  Though not easy, we see a personal action plan for each of us which includes:

  • Reducing carbon footprints each year – just a 4% reduction annually can meet the goal!
  • Personally advocating for and requesting alternative energy choices
  • Offsetting portions of individual footprints we are not yet able to eliminate.

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